Ker an Avalenn

Apple Hamlet

There’s no other place quite like it. The only place to go

There are places that invite us to linger, some that move us to paint or to write poetry, there are places to share with people we cherish and others that encourage silence. And there are a few where all of these come together and lead us like a lover to where nature in all its splendour embraces the sky.
There where the narrow lane ends ; and then nothing but trees as far as the eye can see. Just the Kerodan meandering down along the edge of a field on its way to join the Jaudy. And apple trees, both cider and dessert.

There where your projects and your yearnings meet, Ker an Avalenn welcomes you with warmth and simplicity to make you feel perfectly at home.
Enjoy your stay!

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4 holiday homes available all the year round

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